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5sec Google Authenticator
Two Step Login Protection for WordPress

  • Add extra, two step protection to your site
  • Nobody can hack you even if they know your password
  • Protect yourself when you forget to click Log Out
Protect your site with two step login process
  • Complete brute-force attack protection
  • Nobody can login to your acc without your phone
  • Famous 5sec concept for easy setup & usage

Getting a hold of your password is a lot easier than you think

  • Do you use the same password on multiple sites?
  • Does your password include birthdates, pet names or names of anyone you know?
  • Do you share the computer with others?
  • Do you log in on public computers?
  • Do you sometimes click on links in email messages?

5sec Google Authenticator will help you keep the bad guys away. Even if they get a hold of your password it won't do them any good - they won't be able to log in. Only you can login by generating a one time password with an app on your phone.

Brute-force attacks are more common than ever

  • No matter how "small" your site is you can be a target
  • Attacks are automated and often target specifically WordPress sites
  • Once you realise an attack has started it might be too late to take action
  • You won't even know you have brute-force protection until the day you need it
  • Do you sometimes click on links in email messages?

5sec Google Authenticator provides efficient brute-force protection that'll ensure smooth site operation when under attach and make sure nobody can break into your site by trying out passwords.

Modified login form
Options screen
Auto log out feature

It's simple! Just take your phone out of your pocket

  1. Enter your WordPress username & password when prompted just as you would normally do.
  2. Take your phone, open the "Google Authenticator" app (it's free & available for iPhones, Androides and BlackBerries) and enter the OPT (one time password) it generates. This OTP is valid only for two minutes and without a new one nobody can login!
  3. Click "Log In" and you're done!
How 5sec Google Authenticator works

5sec Google Authenticaor has all the features you need to keep your WordPress site secure

  • two step login process adds extra protection to your site
  • nobody can hack you even if they know your password
  • nobody can login to your account without your phone and a freshly generated OTP
  • protect your site from users who love to click "remember my password"
  • auto log-out feature to ensure nobody uses the admin after you do
  • complete brute-force attack protection with 4 options to fine tune ban rules
  • if your phone dies or gets lost there's a secret URL (uniquely generated for each site) you can use to login with only username & password
  • per-user option for enabling/disabling two step authentication
  • IP whitelist option for brute-force protection (so you don't lock yourself out)
  • mobile app available for iPhone, iPad, Android & BlackBerry
  • translation ready
  • famous 5sec concept for easy setup & usage
  • easy-to-use native WordPress GUI
  • detailed documentation and in-line help on every step
  • professional & fast support available for one year from purchase

Installation takes only a couple of minutes; afterwards your site will be much more secure

  1. Install the plugin as you would do with any other; trough WordPress admin, Plugins, Add New screen.
  2. Depending on the mobile phone you have install the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry Google Authenticator app
  3. Open the app, click "add an account" (plus sign icon) and choose "scan barcode". Point your phone's camera to the QR code in the email you just received titled "IMPORTANT - 5sec Google Authenticator plugin is activated" (check SPAM folder if necessary)
  4. You're done! Next time you want to login to your site enter the usual username & password combination and the OTP the app generates. Please note that each OTP is valid for only 2 minutes so always use a fresh one.
  5. Plugin settings are available in the WordPress admin; Settings - 5sec Google Authenticator.

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